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RPC-like client and server for a magical end-to-end-typed experience

ts-rest makes creating a fully typed API trivial - giving you more time to focus on what matters, your product and your project.


const client = initClient(contract, {
baseUrl: 'http://localhost:3000',
baseHeaders: {},

const { body, status } = await client.createPost({
body: {
title: 'Post Title',
body: 'Post Body',

const s = initServer();

const router = s.router(contract, {
createPost: async ({ body }) => {
const post = await{
data: body,

return {
status: 201,
body: post,

createExpressEndpoints(contract, router, app);

RPC-like Client Without Codegen

Fully typed RPC-like client, with no need for code generation, reducing your bundle size as the types disappear at compile time.


API Design Agnostic

We don't abstract away from your API structure, we aim to let you use your API with other consumers as-is.


First Class DX

Less unnecessary builds in monorepos, instant compile-time errors, and instantly view endpoint implementations through your IDEs "go to definition"


Framework Agnostic

ts-rest comes with a whole host of support frameworks, including Express, Nest, Next and react-query!

What is this?

ts-rest was initially designed for TS-first teams, in legacy codebases, who are working towards improving stability and safety - who may have limited resources to migrate to a new solution/tech (such as GraphQL), and need a simple, safe API with a focus on DX and adoption speed.

  • A tiny type-safe wrapper around existing, battle-tested, established tech
  • An incrementally adoptable tool, for TS-first teams who care about stability + safety
  • No opinionated API structure, should be compatible with your existing structures
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