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Express Server


npm install @ts-rest/express


import { initServer } from '@ts-rest/express';

const s = initServer();

const router = s.router(router, {
getPost: async ({ params: { id } }) => {
const post ={ where: { id } });

return {
status: 200,
body: post ?? null,

createExpressEndpoints(router, completeRouter, app);

createExpressEndpoints is a function that takes a router and a complete router, and creates endpoints, with the correct methods, paths and callbacks.

JSON Query Parameters

To handle JSON query parameters, you can use the jsonQuery option.

createExpressEndpoints(router, completeRouter, app, { jsonQuery: true });

Response Validation

To enable response parsing and validation, you can use the validateResponses option. If there is a corresponding response Zod schema defined in the contract for the returned status code, the response will be parsed and validated. If validation fails a ResponseValidationError will be thrown causing a 500 response to be returned.

createExpressEndpoints(router, completeRouter, app, {
validateResponses: true,